Artisan Partners & Impact

Handcrafted Velvet Pillows in Ludhiana

In a small city in rural Punjab, we partnered with a nonprofit which educates, employs, and empowers women in marginalized communities. Women artisans use smocking techniques to develop our gorgeous round velvet cushions. By teaching the women sewing skills, the organization gives low-income women the chance to advance economically and take control of their lives and futures.

Hand Block Printing in Jaipur

Block printing is known to have been used in India since at least the 12th century, a technique that has been passed down for generations around the villages close to the city of Jaipur in India. We work with artisan groups and collectives in Jaipur that custom carve blocks and hand stamp prints on our pillows and flat weave rugs to create truly modern designs using centuries-old techniques.

Handcrafted Macramé Wall Art in Modinagar

Each macramé wall décor is intricately hand knotted by artisan women in a small city in northern India called Modinagar. The collective of women artisans from low income families are provided with training and knotting material so that they can work from home.  The home-based structure creates sustainable employment opportunities for the women, empowering them to build a better life within their own communities.

Handloom rugs in Bhadohi

Bhadohi known as the carpet city is a small hamlet 10 miles away from the city of Varanasi. Over a period of 3-10 days each rug is created by skilled artisans from the area using the time- honored technique of handweaving. From yarn selection, to yarn dyeing to carefully crafting the design on the handlooms - start to finish – every step is touched by the master weavers of Bhadohi.

“Pit” and “Panja” handloom pillows in Panipat

The historic city of Panipat in Northern India, famously called “the city of weavers” is home to thousands of artisans. The weavers here have mastered the skill of weaving thick cotton and jute yarn into beautiful home textiles. We work with multiple artisan enterprises in Panipat to develop some of our best-selling woven pillows using ‘Pit Looms’ where the weaver sits in a pit and uses his feet to weave the textile. Merging these authentic cultural techniques with contemporary designs we are able to create truly unique pieces.

Textile and Tassel Making in Karur

Karur, a picturesque quaint town located in southern India is also home to small and micro enterprises specializing in cotton textiles run by local families. We partnered with a micro enterprise that works with women artisans to hand craft our range of clutches and decorative tassels. By working with micro enterprises such as these, we are able to have a more direct and meaningful impact at the grassroots level.